Established in 2015, YMX holds a facility of 1.5GW annual capacity covering 84,000m2 with fully automatic production line applied with MES (Manufacturing Execution System). Relying on the advantages of stable & strict quality management, strong cost control, and excellent technology innovation, YMX has made itself ahead of most other module manufacturers in cost performance ratio.

With the implemention of industry's most advanced equipment, YMX ensures that the products are absolutely reliable, leading technology and able to stay with the industrial Tier 1 top runners on the same level. YMX can produce full series of solar modules,including of 158.75 and 166 solar modules with 9BB, half-cut technology. The main equipment include LEAD-LDDS3600A High Speed Cell Tabber Stringer machine, Peiyu 13 Megapixels EL Tester, PASAN Measurement Systems, and automatic module assembly line. The long-term reliability and excellent uniformity of PASAN Measurement Systems occupy a leading position in the world, which ensures the precise accuracy of power output test of each and every module. Through the introduction of international 1st class equipment, it not only enables the continued stability and best quality of cell strings, but also greatly improves the inner quality and the appearance of each module.

Relying on the constant technological innovations, Tier 1 brands OEM/ODM cooperation, global large volume sales, strong financial ability, and well-established customer service network, YMX has earned a solid reputation in the PV industry worldwide. So far, YMX has served most top brands of the industry and received zero complaint zero claim. YMX looks forward to providing the best production service for more global customers.

Till the end of 2020, YMX has accumulated total delivery over 5.0GW of mono modules. Our modules are mainly supplied to top-class power companies such as Shenzhen Energy, SPIC, ZONERGY, Energy China, CMIG, CHD, Sungrow, Datang and so on.